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Supplier Network

Streamline sales, boost business exposure and provide better customer service by joining the Unimarket Supplier Network.

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Invitation-only Supplier Network

To join the supplier network, you must receive an invitation from a Unimarket customer.

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What is the Unimarket Supplier Network?

The Unimarket Supplier Network is a community of suppliers that fulfills the purchasing needs of our clients through the Unimarket eProcurement solution.

If your customer is a Unimarket client and you're not already part of the Unimarket Supplier Network, we can work with you to onboard your business. Onboarding is simple and we provide full support to help you get up and running as soon as possible.

There are lots of reasons for your business to join the Unimarket Supplier Network as either a Registered or a Premium supplier.

Unimarket Supplier Network Features


Why become a Unimarket Supplier?

Boost exposure and drive orders

For most of our clients, our solution is a one-stop shop for all of their purchasing requirements. Being part of the Unimarket Supplier Network gives your business a storefront on our marketplace and provides customers with easy access to your products and services.

Both Registered and Premium suppliers can receive non-catalog orders and respond to requests for quotes (RFPs), while as a Premium supplier, you can host catalogs on our marketplace or choose to implement a punchout to your eCommerce site.

New customer opportunities

Your business will also have access to new customer opportunities. When our clients want to expand and diversify their supplier offering they often look to businesses that are already part of the Unimarket Supplier Network thanks to the speed and convenience of working with an existing network supplier.

Simplify and streamline

As a Premium supplier you can make managing customer transactions even easier by integrating with the Unimarket platform.

Orders will go directly into your order system without the need to deal with emails, phone calls, and paperwork. The entire process is effective and efficient, saving time and money and helping your business to provide a better and faster service to its customers.

Integration with the Unimarket solution also allows for invoicing directly to your customer's platform where automated and immediate invoice matching means your business can be paid faster.

Increase visibility and control

Our supplier portal gives you the control to deliver the right outcomes for your business and the best service to your customers.

Through the portal you can access all the information you need to report on customer business, from orders to payments. Invoice tracking lets you monitor the progress of invoices, removing uncertainty and minimizing the need to chase up progress with customers.

You can also manage and update your business and tax details to make sure your customers have the most up-to-date information. If you choose to become a Premium supplier, you will have total control over your hosted catalog and can update your product and services as needed. This means your customers always have current prices so there's less chance of invoices not matching purchase orders and delayed payments.

Join our growing network of Unimarket Suppliers

Already a Unimarket Supplier? Log in to the Supplier Portal to get started.

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