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Our integrated catalog-driven marketplace lets you easily find and buy the things you need from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices.

Your users get a shopping experience they love. You get the information you need to get the best from your suppliers.

With all your suppliers together in one integrated marketplace, it's easy for your users to find and buy everything they need, and they can purchase with confidence knowing they're buying from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices. By directing spend to your preferred suppliers and bringing purchasing together in one platform, you always know what your users are buying and who they’re buying it from, giving you the information you need to negotiate the best pricing and terms with your suppliers.

Marketplace is the perfect solution when you’re already using the procurement module built into your ERP but need a way to connect with your suppliers without the headache of having to set up individual point-to-point integrations. With Marketplace, it's simple to connect instantly with hundreds of catalog suppliers. And with our experience integrating with a wide range of financial systems, like SAP, Oracle, Ellucian Banner and Colleague, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, and TechnologyOne, we'll have you up and running in no time.

From chaos to clarity, Unimarket source-to-pay solutions can transform your spend management processes.

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How does Marketplace get procurement done right for you?

Intuitive, familiar shopping experience

Marketplace is easy for anyone to use because it works just like any other online shopping experience. Your users will feel right at home, thanks to familiar functionality like cross-supplier search, favorites, shopping lists, and simple shopping cart checkout. And because Marketplace makes shopping easy and familiar, they will actually use the solution rather than looking for ways around it. With more spend going through the platform, you'll have greater control and visibility into what your people are buying and who they’re buying from.

Search, filter and compare

With all your catalog suppliers together in one integrated marketplace, it's a breeze for your users to search for items and compare prices across all your suppliers, whether it's through hosted catalogs or integrated eCommerce sites. Buyers love it because they can easily find what they need, and they can purchase with confidence, knowing that they're always buying from approved suppliers at the right price.

Easy supplier onboarding

Our electronic supplier registration process makes it easy to quickly onboard all your catalog suppliers. If you’re using eProcurement or eProcurement+, we make it easy to onboard all of your suppliers, even smaller non-catalog ones that you may not have previously connected with electronically. Simply let us know which suppliers you want to include and our dedicated team of supplier experts will work directly with them to ensure the process runs smoothly. There is no limit on the number you can invite and full support is always available.

Fast, fully automated catalog reviews

Working with your suppliers to keep catalog information up to date and accurate can be very time consuming. Not with Unimarket. We've automated the catalog review process. Each time a supplier updates a catalog, product and price changes are automatically highlighted so you can quickly and easily review new information before anything is visible to your users. You're always in full control of everything your users see, giving you confidence that they're always purchasing from agreed suppliers at agreed pricing.

Quick quotes

Drive competitive pricing by soliciting product or service quotes from multiple suppliers simultaneously and comparing their responses side by side within the platform. Once you’ve reviewed the offers, simply choose your preferred quote, add it to your cart and then seamlessly check out, just as if you’re selecting a catalog item. A requisition will be automatically created and sent for approval. No need for re-keying or time-consuming data entry.

Secure card payment options

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your procurement process is to make it possible for users to pay instantly on checkout. This saves time and paperwork, for you and your suppliers. That's why we offer secure, PCI-compliant card payment options, including an integrated Stripe payment gateway and secure card payment integration directly with suppliers.

We make procurement work, no matter what kind of work you do.

That's why our solution is trusted by clients in industries as diverse as higher education, healthcare, government, research, and financial services.

Less friction, more momentum

Procurement is not something your users want to have to think about. They just want it to be easy to find and buy the things they need, and they want to know that they're doing their best by your organization by buying from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices. With Unimarket, this is exactly the experience you can deliver. You can be the hero who helps them spend less time on procurement and more time doing the work that delivers the results your organization needs. Remove friction and create momentum in your organization by ensuring procurement is simple and easy.

Value-driven supplier relationships

Strong supplier relationships are the bedrock of every organization's procurement system. When you invite your suppliers to join your marketplace, you make it easy for them to get their products in front of your buyers, easy for them to receive and process orders, and easy for them to receive payment, whether through secure, instant card payment or through integrated invoice management. Streamlining this process adds immediate value for your suppliers, which strengthens your relationships and makes it easier for you to leverage your buying power.

Integrate once, connect with all your catalog suppliers

With Marketplace, you integrate once and get access to hundreds of catalog suppliers. No need for costly and time-consuming point-to-point integrations with each supplier. Even better, because our marketplace is large and well-established, you'll find many of the suppliers you currently do business with already set up and ready to connect with you right away. Because we want it to be easy for you to collaborate and grow your supplier community, we don't place any limits on the number of catalog suppliers you can add.

Your marketplace is like no other

Our full Marketplace is available for you to immediately access—but which catalog suppliers you connect with is entirely up to you. You always have full control over what is available to your users so you can direct spend exactly where you want it to go, always secure in the knowledge that only the correct suppliers and catalogs are available and all the correct contract terms are in place. Your marketplace is just that: your marketplace, set up exactly as you want it.

Accurate supplier data, less work for you

The last thing you want to have to worry about is maintaining accurate supplier data. That's why we enable suppliers to manage their own information, everything from contact details, to banking information, price lists, certifications, compliance requirements, and of course their catalogs. They manage and update all their own information and then submit changes for your review and approval. Updates can then flow directly into your ERP which means less risk resulting from out-of-date or inaccurate records.

Right supplier, right price—every time

You spend a lot of time negotiating pricing and terms with your suppliers so you want to know that when your people make purchases, they're paying your negotiated prices. We make it easy for you to collaborate with your suppliers to ensure that pricing and other supplier data is always up to date. Marketplace is a powerful tool that ensures your organization will get the full benefit of the pricing and terms you've worked hard to secure.

Easy integration with your favorite suppliers.

Many of the suppliers you know best are ready to connect with you right away because they're already part of Unimarket's integrated marketplace.

You can believe in our solution.

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Exploring other ways to get procurement done right?

We make procurement work for you, with a platform that flexes to suit your needs. No matter how you use Unimarket, you'll spend less time managing your procurement process and more time working on what you do best.


Easily find and buy the products and services you need, plus manage your purchase orders, approvals, and requisition process.

eProcurement +

Our most comprehensive solution manages your entire procurement process, from purchasing through to managing supplier invoices.

From chaos to clarity, spend management transformed.

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