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Workday and Unimarket

Whether you need full procure-to-pay or a B2B marketplace, Unimarket is the perfect fit for Workday.

Delivering cost savings and process efficiencies are key goals, but can be impossible to achieve without an eProcurement solution that fully integrates with your Workday ERP.

Unimarket is a best-in-class eProcurement solution trusted by organizations using Workday. Our solution integrates tightly with the Workday platform, complementing its functionality while providing the flexibility to manage procurement how you need.

Some of our Workday clients manage and automate their entire procurement process through Unimarket, from purchasing through to approvals and invoice processing.

Others prefer to manage some steps in Workday while taking advantage of Unimarket’s user-friendly marketplace and advanced supplier management functionality.

Why? Integrating suppliers into Workday can be time-consuming and complex projects that create a significant drain on your IT team. The more suppliers you have, the greater the burden on your IT resources.

But Unimarket lets you connect with all of your suppliers through a single integration. This saves a huge amount of time and effort and gives your users easy access to all of your preferred suppliers through a familiar and intuitive marketplace.

Whatever procurement functionality you need, Unimarket can help you get procurement done right.

We understand Workday

We provide the integration your organization needs with minimal disruption. But don't take our word for it...

Integration with Workday made easy

Software integrations can be highly complex and time-consuming projects. As a result, IT departments with limited resources are often reluctant to consider the introduction of new technology.

That’s why we’ve developed the simplest and most effective way of integrating the Unimarket eProcurement solution with Workday.

Our no-fuss integration ensures a flexible, reliable, and seamless relationship with Workday, enabling procurement, finance, and accounts payable teams to work more efficiently and effectively across the entire procurement process.

Delivered by our expert implementation team, there’s no need for a detailed system assessment, and there’s minimal burden on your IT resources. We also support enterprise-level authentication through single sign-on and we can easily integrate with other solutions within your wider IT ecosystem for total harmony.

Once integrated, the Unimarket solution can be configured to your organization’s specific needs, from tailored approval workflows to the custom management of invoice exceptions.

Plus, because Unimarket is a cloud-based solution, all product updates and patches happen automatically and without disruption.

We work with Workato

We’ve partnered with world-leading integration platform Workato to simplify integrations and ensure customers realize the benefits of a simplified procurement process faster than ever.

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The Unimarket difference 


  • Give your people a familiar marketplace shopping experience.
  • Automate everything, from requisition generation to approvals.
  • Save time and resources with a cloud-based solution that updates automatically and needs no installation.

Visibility and control

  • Know how much your users are spending, what they’re buying, and from which suppliers.
  • Ensure purchases are authorized before spend is committed with upfront requisition approval.
  • Forecast with reliable data on historical and committed spend.


  • Create buying power by directing spend to preferred suppliers.
  • Save time and money by cutting out paperwork and automating processes.
  • Onboard suppliers without the need for time-consuming, point-to-point integrations.

Resources for procurement professionals

Access eGuides, webinars and articles to help you optimize procurement in your organization.

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Ready to start?

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