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Contain costs, improve margins, and boost productivity with control and visibility over 100% of your spend.

As value-based care payment models become the norm, organizations need the right tools to control costs, manage margins and improve their financial health.

Procurement teams are the unsung heroes of healthcare organizations, managing costs, clinician needs, and a vast array of suppliers. However, outdated processes make real-time cost containment extremely challenging and time-intensive. In an industry increasingly shifting to capitated payments, administrators and finance departments need tools to improve their organizations’ financial health amidst shrinking reimbursements and razor-thin margins.

Unimarket’s Spend Management software solutions empower healthcare providers to overcome these procurement challenges by offering unparalleled visibility and control over 100% of spend and the entire source-to-pay process. Unimarket’s platform streamlines workflow and approvals across every facility, reducing administrative burdens with an easy-to-use interface your users will love. By optimizing spend and enhancing efficiency, Unimarket’s solutions will boost your organization’s financial performance, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

Unimarket is the spend management solution of choice for:

Turn your chaos into clarity

Unimarket’s suite of Spend Management software solutions are specifically tailored for healthcare delivery organizations.


Generate 10 to 15% in cost savings by consolidating your spend

Uncontrollable, ad hoc spending makes it nearly impossible to keep costs down and budgets in check. With Unimarket’s Spend Management solutions, your organization can turn maverick purchases into strategic procurement, ensuring your employees buy from the right suppliers at the right price every time.

Imagine if 100% of your enterprise-wide buying is on contract at negotiated rates, generating 10% to 15% in cost savings for every dollar spent. This strategic approach, enabled by Unimarket’s Spend Management software solutions, reduces costs and improves cycle times, ensuring physicians, clinicians, and staff can order what they need—with your approval—at the lowest possible price every time.

Enhance performance and profitability through streamlined source-to-pay processes

Mired in paper-intensive manual processes, many procurement departments struggle to meet organizational needs, especially when resources and headcount are scarce. To scale effectively, you need to transform outdated systems and streamline your source-to-pay processes.

Unimarket’s Spend Management solutions provide powerful tools that offer visibility and control, enabling you to manage costs more effectively. With real-time budget numbers at your fingertips, Unimarket turns tasks that once took hours or days into minutes.

Instill budget discipline with real-time data-driven insights

Unimarket’s spend management solutions empower healthcare organizations with real-time data and analytics, driving informed decision-making. Our platform streamlines procurement, enhances financial visibility, and optimizes vendor management.

By integrating data from various sources, healthcare facilities can identify cost-saving opportunities, ensure compliance, and improve operational efficiency. This holistic approach enables better budget control, resource allocation, and ultimately, superior patient care. Unimarket’s solutions transform healthcare organizations, delivering unparalleled control and insight into every aspect of spending.

Optimize profitability and patient care with Spend Management software

Unimarket’s Spend Management software enables healthcare organizations to improve profitability and achieve higher margins.

By reducing wasteful and unauthorized spending, enhancing financial visibility, and improving team productivity, Unimarket’s solutions free up financial resources for investments in patient care. Cost savings directly impact the bottom line, boosting profitability in an industry facing shrinking and delayed reimbursements from governmental entities and insurance companies.

How Upstate Services Group turned chaos into clarity

When Melvin Szwerin, the Head of Purchasing at USG, joined the company, he immediately recognized opportunities to improve the procurement of essential patient supplies and services. “There was no procurement department,” Melvin recalls. “Procurement was ad-hoc, which led to inefficiencies and a lack of visibility across our organization’s many facilities.” Without the tools to manage and oversee procurement, it was challenging to control purchasing and spending, especially in an environment of capitated, value-based care payment models and razor-thin profit margins.

Unimarket's Spend Management solutions have revolutionized the way Upstate Service Group operates. By streamlining workflows, ensuring optimal purchasing decisions, and providing automated approvals, Unimarket has brought about a new level of efficiency and control. This has helped the organization maintain budget discipline and curb unpredictable spending, while also freeing up staff to focus more on patient care. The user-friendly interface and seamless integration of Unimarket's platform have further enhanced the financial health of the organization, making the results truly transformative.

"We can now track our spending in real-time and identify any issues before they become problems."

Melvin Szwerin - Head of Purchasing, Upstate Services Group

The quest for the right solution

Learn how the long-term healthcare provider overcame their procurement challenges and achieved efficiency and control with Unimarket's suite of Spend Management solutions.

  • Real-time visibility of enterprise-wide spend
  • Enhanced control and approval workflows to ensure budget discipline
  • Seamless integration with USG’s accounting system
  • Unmatched ease-of-use and reliability
  • Next-level customer onboarding, implementation and support

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Our selection of Unimarket’s Spend Management platform – has been pivotal.

The Unimarket difference 

At Unimarket we make procurement simple by streamlining and automating the procurement process, saving your organization time and money. Our fully featured solution does everything you need without the distraction of functionality you’re unlikely to use.

100% Control

Unimarket's Spend Management software empowers healthcare organizations with unparalleled expense control. By providing real-time visibility into budget status, administrators and finance departments always know where their organization stands financially.

Unimarket's Spend Management platform ensures that all purchases are approved before being made, preventing unauthorized spending and guaranteeing that vendors are on-contract with pre-negotiated, discounted pricing. This level of control helps manage costs more effectively and streamlines procurement processes, ensuring that resources are used efficiently, and financial health is maintained across the organization.

100% Visibility

Unimarket's Spend Management platform provides healthcare providers operating multiple locations and facilities with real-time visibility over purchases at the enterprise, department, and individual levels. This level of visibility ensures you're never surprised by unauthorized or unplanned purchases.

With Unimarket, you always know where you stand relative to your budget, allowing you to see exactly where you are financially. This instant insight lets you throttle spending down if necessary or reallocate budget to optimize patient care. Unimarket's platform ensures you have the control and visibility to manage your organization's finances effectively and efficiently.

100% Compliance

Compliance is critical in healthcare, where regulatory requirements and standards are stringent. Unimarket's Spend Management platform ensures your organization adheres to these regulations seamlessly. By automating approval workflows and standardizing purchasing processes, Unimarket's platform ensures alignment with your organization's internal policies, budgets, and external regulations.

Additionally, Unimarket allows customization to meet specific public or private-entity commitments, such as purchasing from minority—and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBE) and environmentally friendly businesses. This flexibility ensures compliance with all your organization's requirements, minimizes risks and maintains operational efficiency and integrity.

Real Time Insights

Transitioning from zero visibility to real-time data and analytics is crucial to instilling budget discipline and increasing profitability and margins. Unimarket's Spend Management platform delivers this capability directly via an intuitively designed dashboard we call 'Insights,' allowing you to see the state of your financial health and well-being at any moment.

From aggregate spending across your organization to departmental and individual-level purchases, Unimarket provides a comprehensive suite of analytical tools to improve your decision-making. See how, where, and by whom money is being spent without waiting for manual reconciliation or sifting through spreadsheets months later. With 'Insights,' Unimarket provides on-demand access to this vital information at your fingertips, enhancing financial controls and saving your team hundreds of person-hours.

Rapid Implementation

Let's face it. Healthcare organizations are already stretched thin, caring for patients and managing the operations of multiple facilities. You don't have time for lengthy software implementations. With a 30-day implementation timeline, Unimarket's process is easy and seamless, requiring only four hours of staff training—yes, just four hours.

Our easy-to-integrate features and uncomplicated workflows mean less work for your IT personnel, allowing them to focus on managing existing clinical and operational systems. With a ramp-up period of just 30 days, your organization can recoup its investment in Unimarket's Spend Management platform within 3 to 4 months. Unimarket's cost control, authorization, compliance, and budget features positively impact your organization's profitability and margins from day one.


User adoption is critical to unlocking the strategic value of eProcurement, and Unimarket's Spend Management platform is designed with ease of use in mind. Our solution is easy for everyone to use, regardless of their role or level of comfort with technology. It offers an instantly familiar online shopping experience that users love.

This ease of use ensures more spend on contract, better visibility into expenditures, and greater administrative efficiency, all contributing to a strong return on investment. Rapid adoption by key stakeholders and employees accelerates cost savings and minimizes the burden on IT resources and staff training. With onboarding and implementation taking just four hours of training and a 30-day rollout, Unimarket's platform becomes the foundation for improving your organization's profitability and margins.

Light Integration

Unimarket's Spend Management software seamlessly integrates with various commonly used ERP and accounting systems in healthcare, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. Unlike typical software integrations, which are often complicated and time-consuming, Unimarket's integration utilizes a middleware solution called Workato.

This makes the process quick and straightforward, allowing healthcare providers to implement the system within 30 days and requiring only 4 hours of training to get staff up and running. This seamless integration ensures that healthcare organizations benefit from enhanced financial control and efficiency within days, not months.

Simple Pricing & Affordability

Unimarket's Spend Management software offers a simple, transparent, all-in pricing model. This allows you to have as many users and suppliers as needed without worrying about increasing costs associated with per-user or per-seat pricing. The implementation, testing, user training, and ongoing support are all included, ensuring a seamless transition. 

Additionally, the software quickly generates a return on investment through cost savings and budget discipline. The benefits quickly outweigh the initial investment by ensuring 100% of purchasing is directed to on-contract suppliers, making it a no-brainer for healthcare organizations seeking financial control, and balancing the fine line between profit and loss.

Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality

Investing in Unimarket's Spend Management platform will not only boost your financial health but also advance your commitment to environmental practices and sustainability.

Unimarket is a strong advocate for carbon neutrality and sustainability, helping your organization migrate from paper-intensive processes to an entirely digitized, paperless environment.

Transitioning from paper-based processes to digitalization accelerates your organization’s sustainability goals and enhances operational efficiency. Being environmentally conscious is good business. Think of it as universal healthcare for the planet.

Unimarket plays well with others

Unimarket can quickly and easily connect with nearly any ERP, Finance, or Accounting system quickly and easily with Workato, our integration middleware partner.

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