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Virtual Mailroom

Say goodbye to paper invoices and save time and effort. 

Want to say goodbye to paper invoice handling?

Welcome to a smarter approach.

Dealing with supplier invoices can be a time-consuming, manual activity that leaves your organization open to data entry errors and missed opportunities.

Unimarket Virtual Mailroom automates and simplifies the processing of paper and PDF invoices, completely eliminating time spent manually processing invoices.

Whether your invoices arrive by mail or email, we manage the entire invoice handling process. That means:

  • No more opening mail and scanning invoices
  • No more downloading and saving email invoices
  • No more keying invoices into your ERP or accounting system.

You simply instruct your suppliers to send invoices to our dedicated processing facility and we handle everything from there.

Why Unimarket Virtual Mailroom?

Eliminate manual tasks

The introduction of our Virtual Mailroom means your team no longer has to deal with tedious tasks related to invoices. We handle all inbound invoices and process each into your predefined approval workflows.

Accelerate and easily audit

Automation of the entire process ensures invoices can move through the full processing and approval cycle in just a few days. And because all invoices are digitized and time stamped, there’s a fully auditable trail from start to finish.

Cut costly errors

Avoid the types of mistakes that are all too common with AP manual data entry — mistakes that can lead to delayed processing, late payments, lost discounts, and wasted time spent resolving errors.

Access anywhere, anytime

With your invoices fully digitized and uploaded to our secure cloud platform, your AP team is ready to work from the office, at home, or on the road using any device with an internet connection. We support the way your AP team works best.

How does Unimarket Virtual Mailroom work?

We streamline your AP process and remove manual effort in three steps.

Document with a tick

1. Receipt of invoices

No matter how your suppliers invoice you, Virtual Mailroom can deal with it.

From email to physical mail, we handle all of your suppliers’ invoices without fuss.

Turning cog

2. Scan and upload

We use optical character recognition (OCR) to scan invoices when possible, followed by a thorough quality control process that minimizes the risk of errors.

All invoices are timestamped and indexed to help with organization.

3. Workflow and approval

All invoices are now ready to enter your predefined workflow and approval process. PO, non-PO, and direct pay invoices are all supported.

If you need extra support, our dedicated US-based team is ready, willing, and able to step in and provide even more AP support.

Best-in-class features

Configurable to your needs

Virtual Mailroom is fully adaptable to your organization’s needs and business processes. We can provide exactly what you need, without the cost of things you don’t.

Cloud-based service

Virtual Mailroom is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, meaning there is nothing to install,
maintain, or manage. The solution is always up to date and there’s no burden on your IT team.


Your data is fully encrypted and stored in our highly secure private cloud and it is automatically backed up at a remote location.


Our service is scalable to your requirements, allowing you to start slow if needed and grow with the needs of your organization.

Optional processing

If you require more support with your AP process, we can provide additional services including staff augmentation and much more.

Intuitive dashboard

Our invoice processing dashboard provides your team with access to high-level information, including:

  • The number of invoices received
  • The number of invoices
  • The number of invoices yet to be
  • Customizable exception queues.

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