Oracle and Unimarket

Streamline procurement with Oracle and Unimarket’s best-in-class eProcurement solution.

Your Oracle ERP plays a crucial role in your organization. But when it comes to procurement, many organizations find only purpose-built eProcurement software can deliver what they need.

Our flexible and affordable eProcurement solution integrates simply and easily with Oracle.

Whether you just need an intuitive, user-friendly marketplace that makes it easy for end users to find and buy what they need, or you want to automate and simplify your entire procurement process, we have the solution.

Our cloud-based platform complements the functionality of Oracle perfectly, tightly integrating to help you streamline procurement across your organization while ensuring your ERP remains the master system of record.

Our integration is tailored to your organization’s specific needs and ensures synchronicity with Oracle. We also onboard all of your suppliers directly into the Unimarket platform, removing the need for time-consuming, costly, one-to-one integrations and simplifying supplier management.

The result is an end-to-end procurement solution that’s configurable to how your organization works, empowers better relationships with suppliers, and offers outstanding value for money.

"Unimarket hasn’t just implemented the solution and walked away. They’ve worked with us to continuously improve."

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) chose Unimarket when it had Oracle on-premise and says that sticking with Unimarket when it moved to Oracle Cloud was the obvious choice.

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Best-in-class eProcurement and Oracle

Your organization has different needs, circumstances, and challenges than others. That’s why we offer a flexible procurement solution that integrates fully with Oracle to provide all the functionality you need without unnecessary complexity and cost.


Our integrated catalog-driven marketplace lets you quickly find and buy the things you need from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices.

A well-established network of suppliers means many of the suppliers you work with may be ready to connect already. For those that aren’t, we’ll work to onboard them on your behalf.


Building on Marketplace, our eProcurement solution adds the capability to manage your purchase orders, approvals, and requisition process.

Your users will love shopping made easy, while you will be able to realize the benefits of centralized buying, control, and visibility.


Our most comprehensive solution manages your entire procurement process, from purchasing to managing supplier invoices.

Automating accounts payable will help you make substantial savings on invoice processing costs and free up staff to focus on more strategic objectives.

Unimarket and Oracle: An easy partnership

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re with you every step of the way, from assessment and planning to implementation and beyond.

Rather than relying on third-party providers, we complete all integrations ourselves so you’re working with the same skilled and experienced team from start to finish.

And because of our experience with Oracle, you can be confident of a fast and efficient integration that meets your organization’s needs and doesn’t place an unreasonable burden on your IT team.

Why Unimarket is the perfect procurement partner for Oracle

  • Unimarket is a well-established and trusted partner of organizations using Oracle.
  • From Marketplace to our full eProcurement+ solution, Unimarket fits your organization’s needs.
  • Unimarket provides full control over your procurement process with features including:
    • An intuitive and simple shopping experience
    • Fully configurable approval workflows
    • Central control over all spend
    • Automated invoice matching.

We work with Workato

We’ve partnered with world-leading integration platform Workato to simplify integrations and ensure customers realize the benefits of a simplified procurement process faster than ever.

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The Unimarket difference 


  • Give your people a familiar marketplace shopping experience.
  • Automate everything, from requisition generation to approvals.
  • Save time and resources with a cloud-based solution that updates automatically and needs no installation.

Visibility and control

  • Know how much your users are spending, what they’re buying, and from which suppliers.
  • Ensure purchases are authorized before spend is committed with upfront requisition approval.
  • Forecast with reliable data on historical and committed spend.


  • Create buying power by directing spend to preferred suppliers.
  • Save time and money by cutting out paperwork and automating processes.
  • Onboard suppliers without the need for time-consuming, point-to-point integrations.

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