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Simplify the submission, approval, and payment of expenses across your entire organization.

Ready to simplify your expense management?

Unimarket Expenses takes the complexity out of expense management by introducing a single, streamlined process for all claims.

Our cloud-based solution completely digitizes your expenses process so your people can submit claims whenever and wherever they are. And with the option to easily attach receipt photos and other supporting documentation, there's no need to save paper receipts.

Approvals and reimbursements are made simple too. Customizable submission forms and a flexible approval workflow mean the right managers get all the information they need to sign off, plus integration with your finance system ensures employees are reimbursed faster than ever.

Increase efficiency, save time, and improve compliance by automating your expenses process with Unimarket Expenses.

Why Unimarket Expenses?

Available anywhere, anytime

At the office, on the road, or working from home — your end users can submit expense claims wherever they are and using whichever device they have. Approving managers can review and approve claims just as easily, ensuring your process is free from bottlenecks.

Improved compliance and oversight

Unimarket Expenses makes it easier for employees to follow your organization's expense policy. Customizable submission forms ensure they provide the necessary information for each claim and a digitized approval workflow means there is a record of every step.

Say goodbye to paper receipts

With Unimarket Expenses there's no need for users to save and store receipts in a wallet, bag, or drawer until they have the time to submit their expenses. Now they can simply take a picture with a mobile device and add it to their claim in a moment.

Faster reimbursements

Submitted expense claims are automatically sent to the relevant approving manager who has all the details they need to make a quick decision. Integration with your finance system further streamlines the process and allows for faster reimbursements.

How does Unimarket Expenses work?

Simplify expenses, from submission to reimbursement.

1. Expense claim submission

Our intuitive submission process guides users through their expense claim in a few simple steps.

Users can submit expense claims from any device, attaching receipts or other documentation as needed.

2. Streamlined approval

Submitted expense claims are routed to the approving manager through an entirely digitized system.

Customize your approval workflow as you need and ensure expenses are always signed off by the right person.

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3. Reimbursement

Once a claim is approved it's directed to your finance system for payment.

Integration with your finance system ensures reimbursements are ready to be paid at the next available opportunity while ensuring there is a digital record of all expense claims.

Features to make expenses easy

Simple submission

Our intuitive solution lets employees easily create and submit electronic expense claims, and add supporting documents such as photos of receipts as needed. Administrative staff can also prepare and submit claims on behalf of other employees.

Custom submission forms

Help your teams easily provide all the information they need to justify their purchases. With configurable custom forms, you can ensure the right information is collected at the right time, every time.

Tailored approval workflows

Create custom approval workflows that align with your organization's purchasing and expense policies. Expense claims are directed automatically to the right approving manager and employees can track the status of their claim every step of the way.

Finance system integration

Unimarket integrates with most finance systems to ensure expense claims never have to be entered manually. Once a claim has been approved, the expense information can flow seamlessly into your finance system for payment.

Automatic calculation of expenses

Some expenses, such as mileage or daily per diem, are based on predefined rates. With Unimarket Expenses, you simply specify these predefined rates and the correct amount for reimbursement is calculated automatically.

Amend submitted claims

Need to amend and re-submit an expense claim before it's approved? No problem. Users can copy an existing claim, change or add details or supporting documents, and resubmit the claim for approval.

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