Ellucian Colleague and Unimarket

Our best-in-class solution forms a single end-to-end integration with Colleague.

A purpose-built eProcurement solution is one of the most effective ways to deliver process efficiencies and cost savings. But which is the right solution for your institution and its Ellucian Colleague ERP?

It’s crucial that your chosen solution integrates tightly with your ERP and provides outstanding value for money. It’s also vital to find an experienced procurement partner that truly understands your needs and is committed to delivering the best outcome for you.

For these reasons and more, many institutions using the Ellucian Colleague ERP turn to Unimarket.

Unimarket has been an Ellucian partner for over a decade. More than 75% of our clients use an Ellucian ERP, and over half of all higher education institutions that have implemented the Unimarket solution over the past two years are running Colleague.

Institutions using Colleague choose Unimarket because of its unsurpassed compatibility: only Unimarket offers a single end-to-end integration that spans procurement, invoicing, and payments.

The result is a familiar and intuitive shopping experience end users will love and the visibility and control you need to boost efficiency and cost savings. Plus, a close integration means Colleague remains your system of record at all times.

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"Implementation was flawless...  I always knew the next steps and what was needed in advance."

Loyola University Maryland was impressed by Unimarket's integration with its Ellucian Colleague ERP. Find out how Unimarket continues to impress by streamlining processes and saving the institution time and effort. 

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Designed for Colleague and higher education

Your organization has different needs, circumstances, and challenges than others. That’s why we offer a flexible procurement solution that fully integrates with Colleague to provide all the functionality you need without unnecessary complexity and cost.


Our integrated catalog-driven marketplace lets you quickly find and buy the things you need from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices.

A well-established network of suppliers means many of the suppliers you work with may be ready to connect already. For those that aren’t, we’ll work to onboard them on your behalf.


Building on Marketplace, our eProcurement solution adds the capability to manage your purchase orders, approvals, and requisition process.

Your users will love shopping made easy, while you will be able to realize the benefits of centralized buying, control, and visibility.


Our most comprehensive solution manages your entire procurement process, from purchasing to managing supplier invoices.

Automating accounts payable will help you make substantial savings on invoice processing costs and free up staff to focus on more strategic objectives.

Integration with Colleague made easy

Integrating a new software solution can be a complex and time-consuming process. As a result, IT departments in colleges and universities, often working with limited resources, may be hesitant to embrace new technologies.

We’ve significantly simplified this process with Colleague EasyConnect — a streamlined, cost-effective method to integrate the Unimarket eProcurement solution with your Ellucian Colleague ERP.

This innovative integration approach delivers a flexible, dependable, and seamless partnership with your ERP, empowering procurement, finance, and accounts payable teams and simplifying each step of the procurement process.

Our expert implementation team delivers the integration with minimal burden on your IT department. We also support enterprise-level authentication through single sign-on, and we can easily integrate with other solutions within your wider IT ecosystem for total harmony.

After implementation, the Unimarket solution can be configured to your organization’s specific needs, from tailored approval workflows to the custom management of invoice exceptions.

And because the Unimarket eProcurement solution is a cloud-based system, all product updates and patches happen automatically and without disruption.

We work with Workato

We’ve partnered with world-leading integration platform Workato to simplify integrations and ensure customers realize the benefits of a simplified procurement process faster than ever.

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The Unimarket difference 


  • Give your people a familiar marketplace shopping experience.
  • Automate everything, from requisition generation to approvals.
  • Save time and resources with a cloud-based solution that updates automatically and needs no installation.

Visibility and control

  • Know how much your users are spending, what they’re buying, and from which suppliers.
  • Ensure purchases are authorized before spend is committed with upfront requisition approval.
  • Forecast with reliable data on historical and committed spend.


  • Create buying power by directing spend to preferred suppliers.
  • Save time and money by cutting out paperwork and automating processes.
  • Onboard suppliers without the need for time-consuming, point-to-point integrations.

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