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Unimarket Invoicing enables you to automate receiving, entering, and matching invoices to purchase orders and receiving documents.

Save time and money with fully automated supplier invoicing.

Large, small or in-between, your suppliers will benefit from our automated invoice management solution. Using cXML or Peppol integration you can receive invoices directly from an integrated supplier’s e-commerce system, while Order-to-Invoice gives non-integrated suppliers and your accounts payable staff the ability to “flip” a purchase order into an electronic invoice. With Invoice Inbox, you can even receive invoices by email then complete the Order-to-Invoice process and attach the emailed invoice.

By automating the entire process, we deliver great 2-way and 3-way match rates, ensure accurate line-level details are captured, and reduce the chance for the type of errors, omissions and duplications that are all-too-common with manual data entry and scanning solutions.

From chaos to clarity, Unimarket source-to-pay solutions can transform your spend management processes.

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Invoice integration

With cXML or Peppol integration, invoices from integrated Marketplace suppliers are received electronically, automatically matched to the purchase order and cleared for payment with no human intervention.

Exception approval routing

Not all invoices are created equal. When managing exceptions, accounts payable can easily route invoices to the appropriate stakeholder for approval before authorizing the invoice for payment.


Non-integrated suppliers

With Order-to-Invoice, non-integrated suppliers are able to access purchase orders in a self-service environment and quickly convert them to invoices. These invoices are automatically matched to the purchase order and cleared for payment.

Invoice inbox

With Invoice Inbox, suppliers simply email invoices to your Unimarket Invoice Inbox where invoices are matched to the purchase order and cleared for payment.

Retrofit requisition

When an invoice is received with no corresponding purchase order, a retrofit requisition can be created and electronically routed through workflow approval to ensure no invoice is ever paid without approval.

Rules based matching

Intelligent and highly configurable, our Rules Based Matching establishes tolerance levels on a supplier-by-supplier or platform level, which allows organizations to align their invoice matching rules to organizational policies for maximum processing efficiency.

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Integrated receiving

Ensure products and services are received prior to payment with our easy and integrated receiving process. Notification is automatically sent when an invoice arrives for products or services that have not yet been received. The notification is intended to remind the buyer to mark the items as received so the invoice can be matched and cleared for payment.


Unimarket Invoice Management is fully integrated to our Marketplace solution. Marketplace lets users easily search supplier catalogs to purchase everything they need to do their jobs, while suppliers benefit from being able to process orders and send invoices electronically.

We make procurement work, no matter what kind of work you do.

That's why our solution is trusted by clients in industries as diverse as higher education, healthcare, government, research, and financial services.

Automate receiving, entering, and matching invoices.

Save time, cut costs

Managing paper invoices, including those received as PDFs, is expensive and time-consuming. Automating the review and approval process enables you to process each invoice up to five times faster and save as much as 80 per cent on the cost of processing.

Maximize supplier participation

We provide invoice receiving options to meet the varying needs of your supplier ecosystem, helping to drive maximum participation. cXML or Peppol integration, Order-to-Invoice and Invoice Inbox - we’re ready to help your suppliers invoice you electronically.

Focus on exceptions

Our automated, rules-driven matching process lets your accounts payable team focus on exceptions, rather than having to manually process every invoice.

No purchase order? No problem

When an invoice is received with no corresponding purchase order, it’s no problem. These invoices can be electronically routed through an invoice exception workflow to ensure the purchase is authorized before payment is made.

Easy integration with your favorite suppliers

Many of the suppliers you know best are ready to connect with you right away because they're already part of Unimarket's integrated marketplace

Exploring other ways to get procurement done right?

We make procurement work for you, with a platform that flexes to suit your needs. No matter how you use Unimarket, you'll spend less time managing your procurement process and more time working on what you do best.


Our integrated catalog-driven marketplace lets you easily find and buy the things you need from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices.


Easily find and buy the products and services you need, plus manage your purchase orders, approvals, and requisition process.

From chaos to clarity, spend management transformed.

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