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Simplify steps and improve collaboration to get the best sourcing outcomes. 

Streamline sourcing events, from RFX creation to assessing bids and awarding contracts.

The creation of sourcing events can be complex and time consuming. Unimarket Sourcing simplifies this process, helping you confidently create RFPs, RFIs, or RFQs with standardized question templates that align with your organization’s requirements.

Use our bid request builder to simplify and standardize the creation of sourcing events with question templates that can be saved for reuse. Pricing requirements and supporting documentation can be added so suppliers have all the information they need to make the most informed bid.

And because going to market often takes expertise from different departments, Unimarket Sourcing makes working on sourcing events with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and participating suppliers easier than ever.

Why Unimarket Sourcing?

Collaboration made easy

Build a team of collaborators and assign stakeholders and subject matter experts to review sections. You can also leverage buying power by partnering with other organizations in cross-community sourcing events.

Easier bid evaluation

Make the evaluation and comparison of bids easy by creating bid requests with structured sections and questions. Bidders must respond to your exact needs within the platform so you don’t have to trawl through supplier documentation or follow up with emails.

Preferred by suppliers

Suppliers can participate and submit bids through our intuitive online platform at no cost. If they need assistance with their bid or require clarity, our support team is on hand to help so you’re free to focus on your work.

Available anytime, anywhere

At the office, on the road, or at home, our cloudbased sourcing solution gives your team the freedom to collaborate on sourcing events whenever and wherever.

How does Unimarket Sourcing work?

Unimarket Sourcing makes sourcing events easier to manage across their entire life cycle.

1. Create your RFX

Simplify and standardize your sourcing process with our intuitive bid request builder.

Select your type of bid request (RFP, RFI, or RFQ), attach supporting documentation, and set customized scoring criteria. Simplify future sourcing events by creating and saving questions as templates for later use.

2. Invite suppliers

Once your sourcing event is ready, simply choose which suppliers you want to participate.

Either select suppliers already within our marketplace or send invitations to those not part of our marketplace. If you want to cast an even wider net, make it available to all by publishing a public link.

3. Review and award

Collaborate with your team to review submissions through our online platform. Ensure the right people review each section and make assessments easier with our weighted score calculator.

If you’re running an RFQ and your evaluation is complete, just add the awarded bid to your shopping cart to generate a requisition.

Features to make sourcing simple

Bid request builder

Create the right RFX for your needs with minimum fuss. Choose your type of bid request, select from standardized and reusable question and section templates, apply customizable scoring criteria, and more.

Bid notification templates

Save time and further standardize sourcing events with bid notification templates.

Build, save, and re-use customized email templates for notifying suppliers about new bid requests.

In-platform messaging

Avoid endless emails by managing all bid-related correspondence through a single platform. Post notifications, share bid announcements, respond to supplier questions, and maintain a fully auditable record of all communications.

Bid score calculator

With the ability to score and weight the value of individual sections, our bid score calculator simplifies the evaluation and comparison of bid responses.

Checkout integration

Ensure visibility across the life of your tender process with our integrated checkout for successful RFQ bids.

Simply add awarded bids to your shopping cart to generate a requisition and complete the process.

Reverse auction

Notify vendors when they have been out-bid by a competitor, without revealing any commercially sensitive details. This gives vendors the opportunity to offer you their most competitive pricing throughout the bid period.

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