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Transform how you manage supplier contracts with a single, searchable contract repository. 

Ready to simplify contracts?

Unimarket Contracts is a digital solution that simplifies contract management, facilitates better collaboration with colleagues, and gives you the visibility you need to negotiate improved contract terms.

Store all contracts through our online repository that allows for easy access whenever and wherever you and your colleagues need it. And it’s not just contracts — you can store all related documentation including insurance certificates, associated agreements, and more.

Unimarket Contracts also lets you set alerts for important milestones. This means you can schedule in contract reviews and eliminate the risk of contracts expiring without warning.

Why Unimarket Contracts?

Visibility of spend on contract

When integrated with the Unimarket eProcurement solution, you will benefit from up-to-the-minute spend tracking against supplier contracts, providing a comprehensive view of all purchasing activity related to each contract.

Improved collaboration

Unimarket Contracts makes working with colleagues simple. Cooperate on the creation of new contracts and ensure stakeholders from procurement, compliance, legal, and elsewhere can review, edit, and approve contracts.

Greater compliance

Improve accountability and contract quality by introducing standardized, repeatable contract creation workflows and a fully auditable record of all contract amendments.

Accessible wherever you need

Our cloud-based platform is accessible even when you’re on the move and a digitized repository means your single source of truth for contracts is just a tap away.

How Unimarket Contracts works

Simplify contract management, from upload to renewal.

1. Upload contracts in bulk

Get up and running quickly by bulk uploading all your existing contracts via CSV file in one action.

Contract data can also be extracted for editing and then uploaded again, making it quick and easy to make multiple changes and minimize manual effort.


2. Work with colleagues

Collaborate with others throughout the life of the contract. Leave comments for assigned collaborators and maintain an auditable record of all notes.

You’re always in control of who has access and you set the rules around who can access or edit contracts.

3. Monitor spend against contract

With spend tracked against supplier contracts, you will have the data to negotiate stronger contracts and maximize value for your organization. Integration with the the Unimarket eProcurement solution required.

Features to make contracts simple

Central contract repository

Store all contracts and related documents in one place. There’s no limit on the number of documents you can store and you’ll have access to the history associated with each document — even deleted ones.

Contract messaging forum

Each contract record includes a messaging forum where stakeholders can track and save contract-related notes and comments. This enables easier collaboration and ensures there is a record of all communications.

Link contracts with marketplace suppliers

Automatically track spend against supplier contracts. You can also link contracts with RFx
sourcing events and create contract associations between other contracts for a holistic view of supplier agreements and associated documents.

Search and filter

Powerful search and filter tools make it easy to find the important details in any contract or related document. Refine searches by multiple criteria including date, type, department, and owner.

Customizable contracts and workflows

Customize your contract types to capture and store the specific information needed for each contract scenario. Create tailored workflows for each contract type and ensure your contract processes are traceable, repeatable, and compliant.

Alerts and notifications

Customizable alerts mean you’ll never miss a contract milestone, workflow status update, or face the risk of being out of contract. This streamlines contract renewals by allowing for automated contract renewal notifications paired with associated workflows.

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From chaos to clarity, spend management transformed.

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