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Save time and money by simplifying and automating how you pay suppliers. 

Want to take the pain out of payments?

Welcome to a smarter approach.

Unimarket Payments automates and simplifies the entire payment process, significantly reducing manual effort and virtually eliminating risk for your organization.

We handle your entire payment process so you don’t have to.

That means:

  • No more printing and mailing checks
  • No more dealing with questions from suppliers about payment questions and problems
  • No more chasing suppliers for the correct payment details.

You simply provide a single payment file from your ERP or accounting system and we handle everything from there.

Why Unimarket Payments?

Turn AP into a profit center

We move your suppliers from time-consuming check payments to highly efficient and secure electronic payments. Save time, improve security—best of all, introduce new revenue streams in the form of virtual card rebates and quick-pay discounts on ACH payments.

Reduce risk and errors

We actively work with your suppliers to convert them to electronic payments and securely collect, validate, manage, and store all electronic payment information in our platform. This mitigates fraud and unintentional errors which greatly reduces risk for your organization.

Eliminate manual tasks

We save you time and money by initiating all payments, whether by check, virtual card, or direct deposit. We also manage all post-payment activity, including payment reconciliation and dealing with exceptions.

Improve payment visibility

With all payments going through one system, you have a complete record of all transactions and confidence that your suppliers are getting paid. Real-time visibility lets you and your suppliers track the status of each payment and easy reporting makes audits simple.

How does Unimarket Payments work?

Unimarket Payments automates and optimizes your payment process in three steps.

1. Spend analysis

We analyze your spend to assess which suppliers you use, how much is spent with each supplier, and how each supplier is paid.

We then identify suppliers we can move to electronic payments, calculate the savings we can deliver through elimination of checks, and estimate the revenue you will earn in the form of virtual card rebates and early pay discounts.

2. Supplier onboarding

We work directly with your suppliers to onboard them for electronic payment. Our communications approach is tailored to the needs of your suppliers and their strategic importance to your organization.

Where possible, we transition suppliers that you currently pay by check to faster, more secure, lower-cost, and often revenue-generating, electronic alternatives.

3. Payment processing

You send us your payment file and we handle everything from there. We print and mail checks, initiate electronic payments, reconcile payments, and resolve exceptions.

And because we collect, validate, and securely store all data, your organization no longer has to manage the risk associated with electronic payment details.

First-class features

Unparalleled support

We’re available for you and your suppliers when needed to ensure optimal performance and savings across the payment process.

Supplier management

We’re your suppliers’ first point of contact for all payment inquiries, so you don’t have to be. We also help your suppliers move from receiving checks to receiving more efficient electronic payments.


From thorough bank verification and know-your-customer (KYC) identity checks to advanced network protection features, we put security first.

Quick implementation

We work with most accounting systems and no software installation is required so you can benefit from payment automation faster than you thought possible.

Analytics and reporting

Track all payments, settlements, revenue and more in real time. Get high-level insights from data dashboards as well as detail on individual transactions.

Multiple payment methods

With a range of electronic payment methods available with Unimarket, you’re certain to realize significant savings, increased automation, and improved cash flow.

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