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Technology leaders

eProcurement levels-up your procurement process — without burdening IT.

Technology leaders play a key role in modernizing procurement and must ensure any new solution is right for both the organization and its technology strategy.

Streamlining and automating procurement is becoming a priority for many businesses.

The efficiency and cost-saving benefits are well established, but finding procure-to-pay software that fits with existing IT infrastructure and truly adds value can be incredibly challenging without the voice of a senior technology figure in the conversation.

Cloud-based eProcurement solutions have emerged as the gold standard of modern procurement methods.

Simplifying purchasing and processes and minimizing costs, technology leaders are also looking to eProcurement thanks to the reduced burden it places on their teams, from implementation to ongoing management.

We understand integrations

eProcurement: Capability without compromise

If your organization is looking to modernize its procure-to-pay process it will face an important decision: add a procurement module to its ERP, or go with purpose-built eProcurement software.

At first, you may see building on your ERP’s capability as the preferred option. You’ve already carried out a risk assessment, you understand how it integrates with other systems, and you know the effort and time needed to maintain and update it.

However, many organizations have already discovered that not only is a purpose-built eProcurement solution much more capable, but it also reduces the burden on resources and the risk for IT teams.

The Unimarket eProcurement solution is implemented, managed, and updated by us. It scales to meet the needs of your organization, whether it’s greater functionality, more integrated suppliers, or an unlimited number of users.

The impact on your IT team is reduced dramatically from day one and there is a lower total cost of ownership when compared with managing procurement through an ERP module.

Why technology leaders choose Unimarket

No installation, zero maintenance

As our eProcurement solution is delivered as software as a service (SaaS), there’s no installation required and you avoid the costs and responsibilities related to hosting and maintenance. All product updates and improvements are automatic and come at no extra cost.

Supplier onboarding and enablement

Integrating more than a handful of suppliers can seem like an unattainable goal when using an ERP procurement module. IT teams must establish contact with and onboard suppliers individually through time-consuming and complex custom integrations.

This often becomes too great a demand on resources and results in a highly limited supplier selection. With Unimarket, your team is completely free from this commitment. We have a large and growing network of suppliers that are already integrated and ready to connect with your organization with minimal effort.

If you work with a supplier that isn’t part of our network already, we’ll work to onboard them on your behalf.

Support when your organization needs it 

Our support team is on hand to assist you, your colleagues, or suppliers whenever needed. We’ll be there to ensure your organization has the best eProcurement experience possible and all support is included within the cost of your subscription.

Highly secure and reliable

Security and stability are fundamental to the Unimarket solution. Our application is fully compliant with PCI and SOC 2 Type 2 security standards so you can have confidence that your data remains protected at all points.

We use Google Cloud Platform which employs a secure-by-design infrastructure. The service maintains rigorous privacy and compliance standards and all data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Our solution can be rapidly configured to meet the needs of your organization so there’s no need to customize the core application. This means our platform is built on highly mature processes and technologies so you can be confident of a flexible and robust solution that can scale and grow as your needs change.

We manage, test, and roll out all product improvements and patches following a comprehensive security review and we commit to a system availability of 99.9% as part of our standard service-level agreement.

Finally, all transactions including orders, receipts, and invoices are recorded and date stamped so you can fully audit your procurement activity as you need.

A close ERP integration

Your ERP plays a key role in the operation of your organization. That’s why your procurement solution must be closely and reliably integrated to enable the easy flow of data and ensure that your ERP remains the master system of record.

Our expert team can rapidly deploy and integrate with your IT infrastructure and any finance or ERP system, including SAP, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, and TechnologyOne.

We support enterprise-level authentication through single sign-on and we can integrate with other solutions within your wider IT ecosystem.

The Unimarket difference 

At Unimarket we make procurement simple by streamlining and automating the procurement process, saving your organization time and money. Our fully featured solution does everything you need without the distraction of functionality you’re unlikely to use.


User adoption is key to unlocking the strategic value of eProcurement. That’s why we’ve designed our solution to be easy for everyone to use, no matter their role or level of comfort with technology. It offers an instantly familiar online shopping experience that people love to use.

That means more spend on contract, better visibility into spend, and greater administrative efficiency — all adding up to the return on investment you need.


With Unimarket, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing across your entire organization. Hard dollar savings come from being able to direct spend to your preferred suppliers and leverage your buying power to achieve the best possible pricing and contract terms.

Plus automated invoice matching and approvals mean your accounts payable team only needs to manage exceptions, freeing up time and resources.


Our solution integrates tightly with your ERP, allowing data to flow easily between the two systems. This provides certainty around data accuracy and consistency while ensuring your finance system remains the master system of record.

And because Unimarket is hosted in the cloud, you’re always using the most up-to-date version and there is nothing for your IT team to manage.


Our simple, all-in pricing model is completely transparent and allows you to have as many users and suppliers as you need, without worrying about increasing costs associated with per-user or per-seat pricing. Implementation, testing, user training, and ongoing support are also all included.

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