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Tackling maverick spend - Unimarket publishes practical new guide.

October 04, 2022
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Auckland, New Zealand – Unimarket, a trusted provider of eProcurement software, today announced the publication of a new eBook designed to help procurement teams reduce maverick spend in their organizations.

Titled Maverick spend: From defiance to compliance, the eBook provides procurement professionals with a guide for understanding the underlying reasons behind maverick spend in their organizations and offers practical advice on how to increase compliance by supporting user needs.

Non-compliant spend can have major financial implications for an organization. In fact, a report from The Hackett Group found that up to 16% of procurement’s negotiated savings are lost due to off-contract purchasing.

Factor in the increased risk of buying from non-approved suppliers and the lack of visibility into purchases and it’s clear why tackling maverick spend is one of the biggest priorities for today’s procurement teams.

Unimarket’s new eBook addresses this critical issue and explores:

  • How procurement teams can identify non-compliant buying behaviors,  understand why people do them, and the consequences of those behaviors for the organization
  • Four effective ways to address those behaviors and increase compliance
  • How to avoid common missteps procurement teams make when trying to tackle maverick spend.

The eBook is built on Unimarket’s years of experience as an eProcurement solution provider, working with organizations to understand their compliance issues and implementing an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that addresses them.

“Unimarket has worked with clients across many sectors on their procurement processes, and we’ve seen the same issues surface time and time again around non-compliant purchasing,” says Unimarket CEO Peter Kane.

“Maverick spend hurts an organization’s bottom line, but it can also be demoralizing for procurement professionals who must keep battling the same issues. By producing this free eBook, we want to share the knowledge our expert team has built up and help procurement teams reduce maverick spend and deliver more compliant, efficient, and effective procurement in their organizations.”

Download the eBook

Get non-compliant spend under control in your organization — download Maverick spend: From defiance to compliance today.

Download the eBook

About Unimarket

Unimarket makes procurement simple with an easy-to-use cloud-based solution that connects an extensive catalog-driven supplier marketplace with purchasing, invoice management, and card payment functions—all in one integrated platform. Founded in 2005, Unimarket is trusted by organizations from a diverse range of industries including higher education, healthcare, government, research, and financial services. For more information, visit unimarket.com or follow on Twitter @Unimarket, LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/unimarket, or Facebook at @UnimarketProcurement.