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A look inside Unimarket 6

Two smiling women and a man gathered around laptops

Unimarket has launched a new user interface for clients with the release of Unimarket 6. The update brings a fresh clean look that has more breathing space and is designed to increase your team’s efficiency by aligning the application to each user’s role within an organization.

We sat down with Unimarket Customer Success Manager Dan Mackay and asked him six questions about Unimarket 6. Dan discusses new features, what motivated the team to develop a fresh UI, and what resources are available for Unimarket clients during the transition.

Can you tell us more about the Unimarket 6 release?

With Unimarket 6, we’ve created a new user experience that will keep our product looking fresh and modern. Our end goal with the redesign was to increase efficiency for our clients. The new UI moves the different user roles within an organization into different modules like Invoicing, Sourcing and Expenses. This allows us to build off the functionality for each type of user in the future.

What other new features are available with Unimarket 6?

On top of taking the tool and moving it into individual modules, we’ve redesigned our menu features. You now have your task menu on the right side and your navigation menu on the left. You can pin these menus open to utilize them while navigating through the tool, giving you more options on the screen at once. This is especially great if you’re an approver because you can open up the task menu and move through approvals very quickly and easily.

We’ve also added a new holidays feature. This will allow you to mark holidays for your organization, so that when nobody’s in the office your approvals aren’t escalating automatically. Essentially, it puts those escalations on hold during the holidays.

How does Unimarket 6 help customers reach their procurement goals?

At Unimarket, we are committed to providing simple and easy-to-use procurement software to our clients. This new user interface really makes it possible to give our clients an intuitive experience. Better user experience means an increase in productivity. Less time has to be put in training staff and more time can be spent interacting with the tool in a productive way.

What motivated Unimarket to release a new user interface?

Our product team reviewed our tool and saw an opportunity to really advance our product with a clean look that could lead to new functionality down the road. It’s important for us to keep delivering a product to our clients that is modern and that they enjoy using.

Whenever we are designing a product for our clients, we want the tool to be simple, easy to navigate, and intuitive for the staff. Our goal is always to create products that reduce time-consuming tasks like manual processes or training, so that procurement professionals can focus on actually doing their job.

Have there been client demos of Unimarket 6?

Yes, we released the new user experience to demo back in November and have been taking client feedback. It’s been an opportunity for us to listen to what our clients have to say. Overall, they’ve really enjoyed the new look and feel. I’ve had clients tell me they find it intuitive and easy to use. This has also been a time for us to tighten up the screws ahead of the final release.

How are you helping clients adapt to the new interface?

The new user interface is very intuitive and our clients should be able to easily pick it up, but we are still taking several steps to help our users adapt. We’ve notified clients with the Unimarket 6 release notes, so that they can communicate the changes with their staff and ensure everyone is on board. Clients also had access to the demo of the new UI, where they have been able to prepare themselves several weeks in advance before the final release.

Finally, we’re updating all of our internal help documentation, which can be accessed right through our tool, with the latest information matching the new look and feel.

Clients should also look out for more functionality coming later. 2019 is going to be a big year for Unimarket, and we’re excited to continue leading the industry in simple and easy-to-use software that brings all your procurement into one place.