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Source-to-Pay Transformed.

With Unimarket's best-in-class Source-to-Pay solutions, organizations are taking control of 100% of their spend.

Are you ready to begin your eProcurement journey?

Our procurement software is built on the power of simplicity.


Our integrated catalog-driven marketplace lets you easily find and buy the things you need from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices.


Easily find and buy the products and services you need, plus manage your purchase orders, approvals, and requisition process.


Our most comprehensive solution manages your entire procurement process, from purchasing through to managing supplier invoices.

You're in good company.

See how we work with our clients to empower their users, reduce costs, and manage spending.

We make procurement work,
no matter what kind of work you do.

That's why our solution is trusted by clients in industries as diverse as higher education, healthcare, government, research, and financial services.

What do you get when you get procurement done right?


Unimarket is a purpose-built eProcurement solution designed to make procurement easy. Easy to find and buy the things you’re looking for because the intuitive design makes it just like any other online shopping experience. Easy to collaborate with your suppliers and bring all of them, even the small ones, into your marketplace. Easy for your suppliers to manage their own data within the platform. Best of all, easy to get started. By making procurement easy, you can be sure your people will actually use the platform, and widespread adoption is how you realize the true value of an eProcurement solution.


With spend going through a single platform you have full visibility into what your people are buying and who they're buying it from, making it possible to leverage your buying power like never before. Built-in reporting and analysis tools provide visibility by supplier, product category, buying group and more, giving you the information you need to make the best possible decisions. Automated approval workflows tailored to your organization’s needs also ensure full visibility, transparency and consistency around process, compliance and approvals.


Once your spend is going through a single platform, you have the data you need to forecast, report and plan with certainty. Eliminating manual processes reduces errors and inaccuracies, giving everyone certainty that your procurement process meets your organization’s policies, procedures and requirements. Integration with your ERP allows data to flow easily between the two systems, giving you certainty around data accuracy and consistency, while your finance system remains your master system of record. Increasing accuracy and reducing errors results in less risk overall for your organization.


Bringing procurement together in one platform gives you control over all elements of the process. You can direct spend to your preferred suppliers, helping you honor your contracts and giving you confidence that buyers are purchasing at your negotiated prices. Approval workflows tailored to your requirements help you control spend and ensure orders are delivered to suppliers only when the correct approvals are in place. Automated checks ensure that no invoices are paid unless spend has been approved and goods or services have been received.


With an eProcurement solution, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing across your entire organization. Hard dollar savings come from being able to direct spend to your preferred suppliers and leverage your buying power to achieve the best possible pricing and contract terms. Then there are the savings you can achieve by dramatically reducing processing costs, both time and effort as well as savings on things like paper and postage. The savings you achieve through automated highly efficient procurement can be invested in the business outcomes that matter to your organization.


By eliminating manual, paper-based systems and automating the process from beginning to end, you shorten cycle time and reduce duplication and the level of effort required at every step, which makes the whole process more efficient and frees up time for everyone. By making procurement easy and efficient, you speed up the process right across your organization so your people spend less time on procurement and more time delivering the results your organization needs.

Want to see our solution in action?

This short virtual tour shows how Unimarket's purpose-built eProcurement solution works.

Find out how Alfred University got spend under control with Unimarket

When Alfred introduced our eProcurement solution it cut rogue spend and was able to transition to a more strategic approach.

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Source-to-pay transformed.

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