Power up your solution with our optional contract management add-on to help you keep track of supplier contracts.

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Want to add a bit more functionality to your solution? Our Contract Management add-on can take your chosen solution to a whole new level.

Our Contract Management add-on makes it easy to manage your supplier contracts by bringing them all into a single, searchable contract repository.

Built-in spend tracking gives you a comprehensive view of all purchasing activity related to each contract.

This visibility helps you manage underlying risk, and gives you the information you need to negotiate better contracts in the future.

Our Contract Management add-on will transform how you manage supplier contracts.

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How can our Contracts Add-on power up your solution?

Collaboration by default

Effective contract management generally involves multiple people at different stages in the life of the contract, which is why we make it easy for you to share contracts with the relevant people so each person can play their part at the different stages. Each contract record includes a messaging forum where stakeholders can track and save contract-related notes and comments, with new comments generating an alert so all stakeholders stay informed and up to date. You’re always in control of who has access and you set the rules about who can create, view, or edit contracts. Collaboration on contract management is one more way Unimarket helps you remove friction and create momentum in your organization.

Greater compliance, less risk

If you’re using a manual, paper-based system to store and manage contracts, you’ll be aware that this creates significant risk for your organization. By digitizing everything and creating a ‘single source of truth’ when it comes to managing contracts, you can immediately improve compliance and reduce this risk exposure. Using our Contracts Add-on, you can also establish standardized, repeatable, enforceable and auditable workflows and processes—even further reducing your risk. Last but certainly not least, you can improve the quality of your contracts and bring a more structured approach to how you manage the many data points associated with each contract.

All in one place, all the time, everywhere you go

How many filing cabinets do you need to store all your supplier contracts? If you needed to put your hands on a contract immediately, could you? What if you were away from the office? With our Contracts Add-on, you can bulk upload all your existing contracts (via CSV file), ditch the filing cabinets, and enjoy peace of mind knowing our cloud-based solution means you have access to all your contracts, any time, anywhere. And it’s not just contracts you can store—you can include all the related documentation as well, like renewals, amendments, insurance certificates, and associated agreements.

Stronger supplier relationships, better contracts

Because our Contracts Add-on is seamlessly integrated into our eProcurement and eProcurement+ solutions, you have real-time visibility into all of the purchasing activity associated with each contract. This kind of visibility is what you need to be able to have informed conversations with your suppliers about the value of the relationship and be in a position to negotiate better contracts and realize better outcomes for your organization. You also have the tools you need to stay on top of things like renewals, making you a better partner for your suppliers.

Details are no longer needles in a haystack

Once your contracts are loaded, powerful search and filter tools make it easy to find the important details in any contract or other related document. You can refine searches by multiple criteria, including dates, contact type, counterparty, department and owner. No more frustration trying to locate even the tiniest detail in a contract, an amendment to a contract, or a contract renewal. There is no limit on the number of documents you can store and if you need it, you can always access the history associated with any document, even the deleted ones.

Contracts organized any way you like

Every organization structures their information in different ways so our solution lets you customize your contract types so you can capture the specific information you need for your internal business processes and organize everything in the way that works for you and is easily recognizable for your users. Each contract type includes an approval workflow and customized form fields to capture the specific information you need.

Track spend associated with each contract

Like everything else in Unimarket, tracking spend on contract is easy. Just upload a contract, link it to the relevant supplier in your marketplace, and all subsequent purchase orders and invoices made under that contract are automatically tracked to the contract, giving you a comprehensive view of all purchasing activity related to each contract. You can also associate contracts with supplier records, RFx sourcing events, purchase orders and invoices.

Never be late for a very important date

With a selection of built in standard alerts and the ability to create custom notifications, you’ll never miss an important date or contract milestone. This is especially important when it comes to contract renewals which you can manage with automated contract renewal notifications and an associated workflow.

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